Friday, 31 July 2009

Tag: Overhyped and Underwhelmed

This is in response to Lollipop26 's post of the same subject.

To begin - I blame youtube for all the overhyped crap that now collects dust in my makeup drawer. When I first started watching "guru's" I had no idea the stuff many were reviewing had been sent to them free by companies to review. I think all guru's should state if products were bought or sent to them free, and also give unbiased reviews regardless - it would have saved me a fortune.

On to the products.

Everyday minerals - the daddy of the overhyped products. Every guru on youtube was raving about this stuff when I first joined the video age and still I hated this stuff. It is powdery, and not suitable for anyone with dry skin. It made me look cakey and it broke me out. The only saving grace for this company was the nice brushes they sold. Those I did like, but I still never use them now.

Urban Decay Ammo Palette - whilst I concur the shadows are gorgeous...they are also shimmery nightmares. Not suitable for me, which dissappointed me greatly.

Clarisonic - I debated getting this as shipping it from the us was expensive. Heck even before shipping it was around £100, but the promise from guru's and mua reviews was that this was a wonder product which would magically unclog my pores and leave my skin clear, clean and baby soft. The reality was much uglier. Within about 3 days, my skin had rebelled and I looked like I was in the throws of teenage hormone hell. A mess. I've tried it again since, in the hopes that it might work, and again...acne city. This little bugger is going to be sold on ebay any day now.

MAC 226 brush - I hate to drop this one in here, because the hype was huge and everyone raved about it. I was so thrilled I managed to get my mitts on one before the SOLD OUT icon appeared on the mac website. (doncha love when that happens and you got one?!! heh), but I can honestly say, with hand on heart - the brush is not that great. It is scratchy, and I don't think it deposits colour that well. I love my 222, and this one pales in comparison to it's perfectness.

MUFE HD foundation - I got this expecting everyone to comment on how well my skin looked, after reading all the reviews. In reality I was told my skin looked less dewy than normal, and over the course of a few days wearing it...the underlying skin grew more and more congested and guessed it...I broke out.

There are more but I caught on to the over hype on youtube pretty fast, and now only trust a few guru's reviews (lollipop26 included!), which has saved me a lot of money, and dissappointment.

Feel free to jump in with your tags too. Thanks for reading :)


  1. I totally agree with you on the 226 brush! :(

  2. i agree about the 226 as well as the UD shadows, i have the deluxe palette, not that in awesome imho.
    the 266 is very sought after on MUA tho, which is its only saving grace right now..

  3. Thanks for commenting ladies! :)
    Glad I'm not alone about the 226 - after all the hype I expected a miracle.

  4. great choice of items, lol.. you know what I mean. I agree on the UD palette. Most of their shadows are that way. Definitly arent made to wear anywhere but the lid!

    MAC 226- everyone loves this brush. I dont like it at all, lol. im so excited to hear someone who feels the same!

    Mufe hd- broke me out instantly.

    Girl, we are on the same page, haha! Great post!


  5. ;-) Always good to hear I'm not alone Sara!
    Before I started experimenting with all these foundations - my skin was much less breakout prone...I never learn to stick with what I know!

    Thanks for following me btw, I followed right back x



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