Wednesday, 2 September 2009

When project 5 pan meets mac's latest collections... know we got issues!!

I have avoided specktra and collection videos like the plague, alas this week I made the mistake of peeking, and project 5 pan hit an unexpected dip in the road.

I spied smoke & diamonds...but it was sold out on the website. This of course made me want it even more, to the point that risking being late for work, I called up my local counter to ask if they had any left. They didn't.

One thing you should know about me - I'm a VERY determined lady when I want something, so I called the pro line to ask. THe girl said they had 2 left. At this point I was late for work, but not willing to risk missing out, so ordered. "Would you like anything else?" she asked provacatively. "Oh...umm...sure throw in a soft ochre paint pot too" I said knowing full well this was an extra I did not have any right to order.

But, I hang my head in shame admitting this - that was not the end of my failing.

I noted the makeup art collection, and primarily the photo realism quad (I blame tiffanyd for the tutorial). I love the name, love the colours, and stalked the website until it appeared. Did I stop there?

Of course not - I ordered the colour matters liner, and....even though I'm not buying any more makeup (yeah right), another empty 15 eyeshadow pan.

I know. I fail!


  1. sounds like a lovely haul!
    this is precisely why i havent started project 5 or 10 pan. Though i have finished 3 products this week, so if i made the commitment to last week, i would have been halfway there! goodluck with the rest!

  2. Thanks maryj0lisa!

    I only ever seem to finish skincare & haircare stuff, and if I cheat and count them...I'm all good ;) hehe!

    I know I'll use everything I've bought so I don't feel too badly about it. Can't wait to get them now...




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