Sunday, 2 August 2009

REVIEW: St Tropez Whipped Bronze Instant Self Tanning Mousse

My first review, and its gotta be for the tanning mousse, why I hear you cry?

Because self tanning is something I find hard work and pretty much only do once in a blue moon. I'm lazy and proud of it!! I'm always looking for a tanner that I will use regularly, and not find a chore to apply.

Also because there is a rumour we are in the midst of summer. In saying that the weather seems to have missed that particular memo...

Not to say I don't adore the way I look all brown and healthy, as opposed to my normal pale and sickly shade...but because I hate standing in one spot, hands out to the sides, legs spread and stark naked, whilst the sticky, stinky lotion I just applied dries.

Not to mention stained sheets, and blotches where you missed a bit. We've all been there - right ladies?

The alternative is stripping off in a beauty salon, standing in a cold room reminiscent of a prison shower block (not that I've ever been in prison...honest!), whilst being jet sprayed like a car. I'm not sure about you guys, but I find it a bit, well, humiliating. The only thing more humiliating is leaving said salon, dressed in old loose clothing and flip flops, resembling a cross between an oomp loompa and an over cooked sausage. Pretty.

So, back to the product at hand.

The blurb states:

When you want a tan and you want it now, Whipped Bronze Instant Self-Tanning Mousse is what you need. Streakless, instant color dries in just 60 seconds allowing you to "Whip-it-On" anytime, anywhere for a perfect tan, every time. This self-adjusting mousse is oil free and complements your skin tone, while your tan deepens over 3 hours - all without the damaging effects of the sun.

Onto my thoughts...

Out of all the self tanners I've tried, St tropez was one I shied away from based on my observations of others using it. St Tropez was, in my mind, that tangoed older woman, with sun damaged leathery skin, trying to reclaim her youth with a "healthy" colour, and ending up looking like she'd been spit roasted over the course of a week.

That's not quite the look I was going for.

But, I read reviews...on MUA, and I watched video reviews, and instead of leathery skinned oompa loompa's - I saw pretty faces with a gorgeous, natural looking sun kissed glow. I wanted to be like them. Oh how I wanted to look as good as them, and so I ordered my very own...


  • The smell was not over powering or unpleasant as expected. A plus.
  • The mousse is tinted so it's easy to see where you have put product and avoid missing bits
  • I like the dispenser too - rather than having to pour product out, its so much easier just to push the button down.
  • A little goes a long way, but I went too lightly the first time. I guess the moral (if you are nervous like moi) is start lightly and build up daily if you want to avoid going too dark - over 2 days I got a pretty nice colour...not too dark at all.
  • This product dries really fast. Another bonus. However it did feel sticky when I went to bed a few hours later...and I didn't sleep well as a result. Maybe it was the heat of being under my covers that made the product feel like that.

I woke up the next morning and jumped in the shower. The water turned a lovely shade of chocolate brown. Fear not - its just the colour guide washing off, revealing a lighter tan underneath.

My covers were slightly stained.

The colour is a gorgeous natural brown colour - nothing fake looking about it at all, however it is not streak free as everyone claims it will be. My legs are the worst affected by this nastiness...but my legs, even at the tanning salon - rebel, so might be me, rather than the product.

I am not sure, but I think it broke my face out - use it on your face with caution.


The product is expensive, but it is worth it because the colour is so natural looking. I think it's a question of practising to find your own perfect application technique...but that's the same with any tanning product. The first time you try it - maybe do it when you don't have anywhere important to go the next day...just to be on the safe side (this advice for ANY tanning product)

The tan lasts about 3 days on me, with me showering every single morning - sometimes twice a day. I wish it lasted longer, but you can't have everything. It fades naturally without leaving that patchiness that makes you look like you have a nasty skin condition.

All in all this product, if you aren't a lazy arse like moi, is a god send for us pale skinned girls who need a glow and don't want to cook our skin to get it.

Highly recommended!

I give St Tropez Whipped Bronze Mousse a healthy, glowing 8/10


  1. Great review! I really on self tanners to get any color. Unfortunately. This california sun doesn't nothing for me, lol. I will have to check this out out! I love that you said no patchiness occurs. My husband always complains at how terrible my skin looks when tanners are wearing off. so I love that with this its not an issue!


  2. hehe - thank you!
    You should definitely check it is a great product :)




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