Saturday, 5 June 2010


I'm so naughty, but it feels so good.

Laid up in bed feeling miserable, I could only dream of being outside in the gorgeous sunshine.

Stupidly I decided to have a look on Now usually I will look, perhaps add some stuff to my shopping cart, and merrily get dstracted and forget to check out.

Not today.

I will soon be receiving the following (keeping is another question of course. Will they fit, will they suit me?)

ASOS Drop Armhole Slouch Waistcoat - I ordered this in black although the pink one is also pretty. I love the idea of having something slouchy, but light to wear over t-shirts. This whole shape in cardi's and really appeals to me for some reason.

Mango Belted Trench Coat
- I've been wanting a trench coat for the last year or so, thanks to Anna of the style diet labelling it a must have wardrobe essential. Of course she is correct, and the trench coat is a classic wardrobe staple that I did not have. I seem to have ordered the last one, which makes me feel quite special - even if it is expensive from my point of view.

Vintage Indigo Boyfriend Jeans - The size I wear was sold out, so I ordered a size up. Will likely not fit and have to go back, but they were so lovely I wanted to try them anyway.

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans - these are in my size and a back up for the indigo ones. I need new jeans, and I love the ripped look. Takes me back to the 80's....

A pretty impressive haul for me - I also ordered a bra but you really don't need to see that ;)
Now how much will end up going back?

How often do you end up returning your clothing purchases?

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