Saturday, 1 August 2009

My July 2009 Buys

I am currently on a self impossed no buy, however we all know that we always find ways around this fact!

I just got a new puppy, a maltese named Tobey, so my money has been spent on him, his toys and little extras because his sweet face makes me melt. See...?!!!

Tobey's first trip shopping was to superdrug in N'ards. I'm not sure who enjoyed the trip more...myself or him. I'm guessing superdrug is more a girlie heaven than pooch paradise!

My trip was all about purchasing a nail polish by NYC that I'd seen on Konaddict's blog
, called Big Money Frost.

I was so excited that they had it, and they also had a "buy 2 for £2.99 offer" so of course I picked up another one too - named east village (avert eyes left!).

NYC polishes go on pretty sheer initially, but with 3 coats hit the same colour as the bottle. Excuse the non perfect application but I was rushing...

Other products purchased in July were

Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo and Conditioner: so far seem great, but I'll review properly after further use.

To date, after 3 uses - my scalp remains calm and my hair doesn't feel like it needs washed the day after washing - always a plus!

St Ives Body Scrub: I bought this after reading great reviews on mua. So far I'm impressed enough with it but I've had better ;)

I think my fav all time body scrub has been st tropez one, however the price is crazy so I only buy it when I'm feeling flush.

St Moriz: Hello lollipop26!...yet another product I've been convinced to try because of the sweet one's review. It is on it's way so no review just yet.


  1. Hi I just saw that your new to the blogging world, so welcome!! It really is so much fun it really is your space to write about anything you like and I've picked up some fab tips from other girls too. The only problem is it makes we want to spend a fortune and shop constantly!!!
    I am so glad to be your first follower - my first was my husband (I made him!!) It won't take long before you get loads im sure! You should sign up to it's great for general chit chat. You'll find me at Avril0407 i'll keep an eye out for you and tell the others to check out your blog!! Chat soon Av x

  2. Awww thanks a million Av! I'm also really chuffed that you are in ireland cool to meet people near me :)
    I'll sort a twitter out in the near future and shout you when I do.




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